We live in our Nissan Patrol camper that we built ourselves to roam Earth.

We’re real people, and that’s what we share with you. We love to eat, chat, get dirty, seek out free showers, wear the same outfits on repeat because, well come on, we live in a car. We make mistakes. We love to laugh. We get tired (and cranky). We live big with experiences, not possessions. We share honest truth of the very good times, as well as the most difficult. We don’t live a travel life of glorious perfection – there’s no such thing. We are simply doing what makes US feel most satisfied. We hope to inspire and ignite your own passion within yourself, by being brutally honest as we discover ours.

Come along for the ride.

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We are a young family of three who love to explore: husband, wife, and Quinn the dog. Born in Australia.

Kyle: lover of 4WDing, MMA, ju jitsu, exploring, and surfing. A wild climber, adventurer, ‘no shirt, no shoes, no problem’ kinda guy; Kyle is a qualified light-vehicle mechanic by trade who loves to customise 4WDs in his free time. Kyle built our 4WD camper himself – from the first drawings, to ongoing maintenance; he’s our trusty, invaluable car hero.
Lou: lover of nature, coffee, wine, art, history, old books, and meeting new people. Lou is a digital nomad; founder and creative director of Humanised Web and Graphic Design Solutions. Experiencing the every day from various towns, villages and cities fills Lou will immense inspiration for her creative work. Lou’s passion is creative writing. She’s the author of our journal articles.
Quinn: lover of the beach, swimming, sticks, people, dogs, walks, cheese and sleeping on the bed with the humans. Quinn is a five-year-old English Staffy who has been travelling with us since he was a pup. Do not even think about going anywhere in the camper without him; he will track you down. Quinn goes wherever we go, and nothing makes him happier than exploring with us.


We built ourselves a camper and attached it to the back of our Nissan Patrol (‘we’ means Kyle).

Explore: with it’s Nissan Patrol 4.2 turbo diesel engine, our camper is powerful. Decked out with recovery gear; we’re ready to tackle any track. We’ve driven around Australia twice to test out our camper lifestyle before heading abroad. Along the way, our camper tyres have harassed some of Australia’s most iconic tracks including the rough terrain of the mighty Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys, and the Old Tele Track of Far North QLD.
Live: with a cosy bed, oven, cooktop, hot water, shower, sink with running water, fridge, converter to charge devices, work station for Lou, internal and external storage – life on the road is pretty damn good. Our solar panels keep us charged up ready to go off-the-grid at anytime.
Plan: we love to plan little, and live big. In the last few years, we have experienced living in various locations of Australia. In January 2018, our beloved camper will make the 40-day voyage from Brisbane to South Hampton in the UK. Kyle, Lou and Quinn will meet the camper there, with open arms and huge smiles. From there? We honestly have no idea, and it feels oh-so-good. We will wake up each day and simply embrace the world around us. It’s not a holiday, it’s living – everywhere. We intend to explore throughout Europe, Africa, Canada, the United States, and South America. Let’s see where the wind takes us.


Why not? We live in the world, not a inside a box with 4 walls. Let’s embrace it, let’s learn, let’s connect, let’s grow.

Grow: every time we experience something new, we grow. We find new interests, overcome challenges, prove to ourselves that we’re resilient; we get to know ourselves and the people alongside us in a whole new light.
Connect: so far, we have travelled to 25 countries. The highlight reel is jam-packed with memories of meeting people, interacting with locals and learning about their culture, history and lifestyle. Hearing people’s stories and acknowledging both the differences and similarities between us kick starts our emotions and fills us with genuine excitement.
Gain: we develop perspective on what’s happening around us on Earth during our lifetime. We’re full with gratitude for life’s most basic, yet fundamental gifts: fresh air, clean water, nourishment; and companionship. Pluck away all the possessions that we clutter our lives with, and feel real things, from real experiences that will enrich our lives, and cannot be taken away from us.


Australia (2+ laps), New Zealand, Japan, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, England, Wales, Spain, France, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Albania, Belgium, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Monaco, Czechia, Poland, Austria, Slovenia


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